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YAY! Our pre-launch campaign is live!

We hope this will keep you happily occupied  until we launch in the USA and UK in May.

Let’s help spread fun and emotional fitness – get points by sharing with your friends and family: performing activities jumps you ahead of the line!
EVERY WEEK we give out prizes to our top 3 eQuoo supporters:

First Prize

 Series 1 Apple Watch

Track your activity. Measure your workouts. Monitor your health. Apple Watch Series 1 lets you do it all in an instant, thanks to a dual-core processor and the powerful new features of watch.

Second Prize

Private Yoga Skye Session with Candace

Yoga instructor Candace Engelbrecht will come ‘home’ to you through a Skype personal session: You will be given a specially designed session to suit your needs, with instant feedback & verbal adjustments and tips for future care.

Third Prize

Get a copy signed by Duana Welch, PhD, author of LOVE FACTUALLY.

Love Factually blends heart, soul–and science. In a genre long on opinion and short on proof, Love Factually puts all the evidence in your corner for the most important and daunting task of our lives: finding and keeping The One.


eQuoo is an Emotional Fitness game

Welcome to our pre-launch campaign!

The game will be going live in the USA and UK in May!

eQuoo will teach you the essential psychological skills you need to be able to level up in the game – and in life, too. Once you’ve mastered a skill set, you will embark on a choose-your-own adventure game, where each level is a different genre. Whether its sci-fi, a love story or sword and sorcery, you will be challenged to use your skills to level up.

The skills and story lines are empirically based on current psychological research using psycho-education, gamification and AI to take you on an adventure that supersedes the game. You will find yourself equipped with emotional and psychological skills that will get you ahead in all your relationships – be it work, with your family, or in your own love story.

eQuoo will be part of a psychological RCT (random control trial) to verify our claims that eQuoo makes your life better – don’t trust us, trust the science! eQuoo is a product of PsycApps Limited.


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This Game is like nothing you have ever seen before

eQuoo is a one-of-a-kind emotional fitness game. Other than having a blast, playing the game will have you taking away life hacks that will make you a master of relationships - wherever you go.

Dr Joy

Dr Joy is our lovely Avatar that guides you through the game. She’s always by your side.

Learn unique skills

These psychological skills will level you up – in the game AND in life!


Go on an adventure you can only master if your emotional fitness skills are out of this world, too.

Personality Test

Find out if you’re the heart of the party or the deep water.

Science, B+tches!

eQuoo is based on hard evidence. A group of psychologists teamed up with writers so that the game is fun AND gives you mad psychological skills for life.

Share your victories

Why keep your achievements to yourself. Let the world know you leveled up!


Dr David Susman
Dr David Susman
Clinical psychologist, mental health advocate, professor, writer. Sharing resources and inspiration for better mental health.
The EQuoo app is an innovative way to learn positive coping skills and strategies for better psychological health. The app's graphics are clear and engaging. The interactive learning format using a virtual couple and more detailed stories with other virtual characters was very effective. The concepts and skills were fun to learn and practice. Great app!
Dr Duana Welch
Dr Duana Welch
Ph.D. in psychology, author of Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do
I played eQuoo, curious about what I might learn as a former psychology professor and current relationship-science author. This program showed me my biases and how to balance them with reality, assessed my personality in line with other tests I’d taken, and presented games, interactive stories, and numerous examples to help me enhance my emotional intelligence. I think people who use eQuoo will become more adept in all their relationships, more knowledgeable about themselves, and ultimately, more resilient. Well done!
Rizwana Virdee
Rizwana Virdee
Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and YouTube Psyc Vlogger
As a therapist, having played EQuoo I was surprised with how much I learned. It made me stop, reflect & consider my answers. I felt pleased & satisfied when my choices were confirmed correct. It described my personality as I believed it to be, which is a positive open-minded person.

Sneak Peak at some of our Screens

First - you learn a mind blowing skill - then you go on the adventure of a lifetime. Here: Dr Joy, our lovely Avatar and a glimpse of our second level story: You need to save a Mars colony from getting poisoned.

Meet the team

Silja Litvin
Silja Litvin
Med Bukey
Med Bukey
CTO and Co-Founder
Business Systems Analyst
James P O’Brien
James P O’Brien
C++ Specialist
Markus Maier
Markus Maier
Head of Research and Ethics
Professor at LMU

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