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A bit about eQuoo

The skills and storylines are empirically based on current psychological research using psycho-education, elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Postive Psychology, gamification and AI to take you on an adventure that supersedes the game. You will find yourself equipped with emotional and psychological skills that will get you ahead in all your relationships – be it work, with your family, or in your own love story. 

eQuoo was successfully tested in a 5-week 3-arm RCT (randomized controlled trial) using the well-being metrics 1) resilience, 2) personal development, 3) interpersonal relationship skills and 4) anxiety proving that playing a level a week supercharges your mental well-being – don’t trust just us, trust the science! eQuoo is a product of PsycApps Limited.

Like Nothing You've Seen Before

These psychological skills will level you up – in the game AND in life!

Go on an adventure you can only master if your emotional fitness skills are out of this world, too.

Find out if you’re the heart of the party or the deep water.

eQuoo is based on current research AND underwent a clinical trial. A group of psychologists teamed up with writers so that the game is fun AND gives you mad psychological skills for life.


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eQuoo will teach you the essential psychological skills you need to be able to level up in the game – and in life, too. Once you’ve mastered a skill set, you will embark on a choose-your-own adventure game, where each level is a different genre. Whether its sci-fi, a love story or sword and sorcery, you will be challenged to use your skills to level up.

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Our Team

The brains behind eQuoo.

Silja Litvin

Silja Litvin

CEO & Clinical Psychologist

Med Bukey

Med Bukey

Systems Architect

Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson

Head of Growth & Marketing

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