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The Game that is more than just a Game

Over the years, all the greed, corruption and pain in the world has gelled into The Quavering, a being of power and darkness… It’s sole goal is to snuff out our inner light that brings us joy and happiness. But there is hope: The Lodestars… Brave people who, over the ages, have set on a path of emotional and psychological transformation to keep the light of the world alive… Until now, it has looked dire, but they might have found the tipping-point: YOU. Your Guide, Lodestar Joy, is offering you THE DIAL, a mystical device to travel through time on a quest to gather the 5 gems needed to fight The Quavering.

Dive into a magical world written by award-winning DC and Marvel writer Arie Kaplan -

gems with crown
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Build your Avatar

Transfer yourself into eQuoo by setting up your avatar - You can look like yourself or create a whole new character!


Collect Gem Shards

Each gem shard represents a psychological skill that allows you to deal with whatever life throws at you


Wellbeing Check

Chat with Joy in our interactive chatbot and get a real-time view on how you’re doing - and how you’re progressing


Get Your Certificate of Achievement

Complete Story One: 7 Weeks of gameplay and download your personal certification issued by by Psychologist Silja Litvin (University College London) and Professor Michael Ungar (Dahlhousie University)


Learn Key Psychological Skills

Learn Key Psychological Skills. Learn the most important psychological skills leaning on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Positive Psychology and Systemic Therapy


Go on the Adventures of a Lifetime

Overcome all challenges using your new psychological skills to level up and collect gems

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Meet the experts behind eQuoo

Silja Litvin

CEO & Psychologist

Vanessa Hirsch-Angus

COO of PsycApps

Tim Smith

Business Development Director

Adeline Tushabe

Lead Unity Developer

Anthony Lillyman


Dr Philip Jefferies

Lead Researcher

Our Clinical Advisory Board

Prof. Peter Fonagy

Head of the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, UCL

Prof. Markus Maier

Professor of Psychology and Head of the Research Unit Emotion and Motivation, LMU

Prof. Steve Pilling

Professor of Psycology, UCL

The only Game out there that Boosts your Emotional Health


What is Emotional Health?

Emotional Health is the ability to manage life's challenges in a positive and resilient way. By improving your emotional health, you'll reduce your vulnerability to anxiety and depression. We've worked hard to create an enjoyable, engaging and exciting way to improve your emotional health by tapping into skills to boost the 5 most important dimensions:


Personal growth

Rise to any challenge and emerge a stronger, better you - personal growth is all about striving.


Anti depression

Depression is often described as feeling listless, unmotivated, flat and sad. Our skills train your brain to see the bright side.


Anti anxiety

Sweaty palms, sleeplessness, irritability and worry can be a thing of the past.


Relationship skills

Have you been ghosted one time too many, or are you not making friends easily? Our skills have you covered.



The bounce back skill: Learn how to overcome whatever life throws at you, from heartache to layoff.


is based on scientific facts

Take a look at our Clinical Research

is based

on scientific facts

Take a look at our Clinical Research

Ready to go?

Immerse yourself into the story, learn a psychological skill in the game's mental dojo and embark on an interactive story where you have to use your new skills to level up in the game - and in life.