TechCrunch Covered our Pre-Launch

  This eQuoo app games you to into learning useful psychological skills Mental health is one of the biggest issues of recent times, with Kendall Jenner, Emma Stone, Lady Gaga and even The Rock opening up about their mental health issues. Even the royal family has got in on the act, setting up the Heads […]

How Emotional Fitness Can Get You through the Holidays

During the holidays, emotional fitness is especially important! Some people think of holiday season as of time of joy, family and togetherness. They’re a lucky bunch, and bless them! However, most people do dread one or the other aspect of about their holiday schedule, gift shopping, entertaining and spending time with their family. And for […]

What is Emotional Intelligence?

There are quite a few definitions floating around that aren’t always intuitive. And when people start abbreviating, things get confusing quick.  We are not in the business of confusing – we’re in the business of playful teaching.  Everyone knows IQ and why it’s so important, but what is EQ (emotional quotient), and what is it […]