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Our Allegiance of Allies and Advocates Fighting for Mental Health and Against Stigma

Dr David Susman
Clinical psychologist, mental health advocate, professor, writer. Sharing resources and inspiration for better mental health.
The EQuoo app is an innovative way to learn positive coping skills and strategies for better psychological health. The app's graphics are clear and engaging. The interactive learning format using a virtual couple and more detailed stories with other virtual characters was very effective. The concepts and skills were fun to learn and practice. Great app!
Dr Duana Welch
Ph.D. in psychology, author of Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do
I played eQuoo, curious about what I might learn as a former psychology professor and current relationship-science author. This program showed me my biases and how to balance them with reality, assessed my personality in line with other tests I’d taken, and presented games, interactive stories, and numerous examples to help me enhance my emotional intelligence. I think people who use eQuoo will become more adept in all their relationships, more knowledgeable about themselves, and ultimately, more resilient. Well done!
Rizwana Virdee
Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and YouTube Psychology Vlogger @PsychopaediaHQ
As a therapist, having played EQuoo I was surprised with how much I learned. It made me stop, reflect & consider my answers. I felt pleased & satisfied when my choices were confirmed correct. It described my personality as I believed it to be, which is a positive open-minded person.
Rizwana Virdee
Dr David Van Nuys
Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Creator/host of the Shrink Rap Radio podcast, Editorial Board, Age of Robots Magazine
Congratulations to Silja Litvin and her team at PsycApps on having developed the ground-breaking mobile therapy app, eQuoo. They’ve succeeded in making the game educational yet compelling through a mix of story-telling, gamification and animation. The app leads users painlessly through evidence-based information drawn from positive psychology, cognitive-behavior therapy, couples therapy, brain research, and other approaches that build resilience, optimism, and hope. Having spent time “playing” the game myself, I think it spearheads a revolution in mental health apps, that will incorporate A.I. and machine learning.
Dr Berney Wilkinson
Clinical Psychologist, Podcast Host of the Mental Breakdown
This is persuasive technology used for good. It’s used to engage people with an application that will help them with their mental health issues. eQuoo is very interactive. I love the avatar, Dr Joy, and how it engages you from the very beginning. You’re playing and it’s not beating you over the head with learning. I have a cohort of clients in mind that could use this to bridge appointments to work to keep up with concepts we’re working on.
Dr Richard Marshall
Licensed School Psychologist, Author of Handbook for Raising an Emotionally Healthy Child, Podcast Host of The Mental Breakdown
eQuoo is really an impressive undertaking. Silja Litvin is carving out some brand-new territory. This is ground-breaking work.
Alexandra Miller, Psy.D.
Author of There’s Always Hope and podcast host of Psychology America
EQuoo is an interesting and cost-effective way to learn more about both yourself and psychology so that you can increase your level of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence can be just as important as IQ in our workplace and life success. In a fun way and through games, the app provides feedback on your “Big Five” personality traits, psychological traits that have been tested and validated. If you are interested in self-improvement, psychology, and increasing your emotional intelligence, I recommend the EQuoo App as a helpful purchase.
Sharon Blady
Founder of Speak Up: Mental Health Advocates Inc. and Former Politician and Minister of Health in Canada, What some call mental illness, I consider to be my Superpowers. I help others Embrace their Superpowers through building Peer Support networks, and sharing tools that increase Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, and work with our sidekick: Neuroplasticity!
I love that eQuoo is relaxing and fun to use. The interactive 'choose your own story' aspect makes it engaging and very accessible. Plus, you learn something about yourself along the way - a great addition to every Superheroes' utility belt!
Steve Carr
Steve Carr is one of the U.K.’s most active Mental Health Campaigners, Inspirational Speakers, Mentors and Pilot. Diagnosed with borderline PTSD, High Functioning Anxiety, Addiction and depression he decided to walk the coast of England for 3 months and create MindCanyon. His work has been shown on ITV, BBC news and published in over 80 magazines.
Wow! A truly groundbreaking app that helps build reliance and psychological skills.
Paul Dorrington
Paul Dorrington is the founder of Phoenix Transformational Services, a Professional Performance Coach, Counsellor, Vocational Rehabilitation and Mental Health Recovery Specialist across London. Paul now helps businesses around the world develop a mentally healthy culture so they can have a high performing and resilient workforce.
I am so excited to be part of this amazing vision. An app with the power of self management, emotional fitness and education is an amazing addition to the world of self help. Combined with a team of evidence based psychology professionals and user friendly game developers, my search for an accessible digital medium partnership is over.
Viktoria Rader
Viktoria Rader is the founder of Vikyandkid and co-founder of lifestyle blogazine Glam-o-meter. She lives in Munich with her husband, two young sons and the family French bull dog, Tiffany, while travelling the world on a regular basis.
In my job I have a lot of stress and pressure. using eQuoo helps me focus and ground myself while having a bit of fun. I love that eQuoo is able to help people in a fun way, taking the sting of stigma away.
Lesya Li
Lesya Li is a curious storyteller, chronic insomniac, avid book reader, psychology nerd, and the founder of havingtime.com a digital magazine and a worldwide movement rooted in impactful storytelling and mindfulness – on a mission to change the conversation about mental health.
There are countless benefits to being physically fit. Our bodies are the vehicles we use to move through the world, and, of course, it makes a lot of sense to have our 'vehicles' in the best shape possible. However, as well as physical fitness, emotional fitness is just as crucial to our life satisfaction, if not more so.
Hayden Finch PhD
I am a clinical psychologist with a mission to bring evidence-based, empirically-supported treatments to people with mental health conditions. My social media accounts and blog are focused on making concrete skills from those treatments accessible and practical.
Our mental wellness depends in large part on the quality of our relationships, and eQuoo is a great resource for improving relationship skills! The examples are effective and engaging and make the skills easier to apply in real life. Excellent resource!
Rob Stephenson
Rob Stephenson is a man on a mission to break the stigma of mental ill-health in the workplace. He does this by sharing his lived experience of bipolar disorder in his keynote talks and has developed a number of initiatives focussed on the workplace. Inside-Out.org is a social enterprise that showcases executive level role models who have lived experience of mental ill-health helping normalise the conversation about mental illness. The MindCycle is an innovative cycling themed mental health awareness-raising event involving team based static bike challenges. It helps businesses engage with some of the harder to reach groups and get them talking about mental health.
eQuoo is FUN. It is also very engaging. I have been using the App for a while and find that it highlights skills that are very helpful in human interactions and help me to manage my mental wellbeing. I have learned things about myself which are also very useful. It is definitely worth giving it a go, wherever you are on the mental health continuum.
Kelly Davis
Kelly is a mental health advocate who focuses on peer support and youth leadership. She believes in making skill building, positive psychology, and recovery tools available to all in the most engaging, fun ways possible!
EQuoo is an awesome way to have fun and discover new tools. By integrating the best of what we know about helping people into an interactive app, taking care of your mental health and building skills become fun and accessible for everyone.
Men's Movement by David Pilbäck
Men's Movement is an online Mental health Community. We work with trauma informed Men's Work free from ideology and politics. We are gathering and promoting good initiatives to help supporting our men's mental health.
The digitalization and mobilization of Men's mental health is one of the most important tasks we have as a society. eQuoo is doing an excellent job to help with this. And the game is fun and interesting to play as well.
How Mental
How Mental brings together a community of mental health advocates to share the latest insights in the field and collaboratively empower more people to overcome stigma.
eQuoo takes on the tricky task of making mental health something you want to learn about, as opposed to something you have to! By blending the power of story-telling in games and the latest psychological insights, eQuoo defeats stigma with an overwhelming sense of fun. With a smile as its sword, I would certainly watch out for this fairytale hero!
T.K. Dennis
I host a motivational daily podcast called ``TK Talks``, because I want every person to have an encouraging voice in their life reminding them that they are never alone.
I love eQuoo! This is THE killer app you need to take your relationship skills to the next level. I recommend this app specifically for any human that finds themselves working with, talking with, living with, or dating other human beings. That would be you I assume.
Maxine Brown
Maxine is the co-founder of CBT Clinics, a multi-award winning psychological assessment and treatment provider with a reputation for clinical expertise and innovative digital healthcare. She is passionate about helping those with mental health issues and along with her dynamic team strive to consistently deliver high standards in the delivery of mental health treatment.
It's been fun trying out eQuoo. This online game really is one of a kind and takes you through different levels where you learn new emotional and psychological skills that you unwittingly will use in every day real-life scenarios. Enjoy trying it for yourselves!
Miss Anxiety
My main goal for my YouTube channel is to create a HUB where we can share our thoughts, journey's & support. On this channel you'll find videos all about mental health, wellness, recovery...basically whatever we as a community feel like talking about.
I have been playing eQuoo on & off this last week - I've found it super useful actually. I can see this being so brilliant for educational purposes too - teaching relationships & mental health. I love your work, eQuoo! Keep on doing what you're doing xo
Katrina Julia - Fit Life Creation
Katrina Julia is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur + Creator + CEO of FIT Life Creation of FIT Life Creation (all in one lifestyle brand with health + wealth + biz in 1. She transformed her own health (weight loss of >55 lbs, money (CPA generating others 7-9 figures while own money was once in chaos), and experience of >8 industries with >3000+% ROI results. She now helps others create a life and business they love + give back.
I love it!!! I am now past level four! I love how it is so interactive with the troll game, the wizard, mars and more! I also love how we get feedback on our tendencies and emotional fitness!! Awesome job!
Serena Oppenheim
Founder Good Zing, Forbes Columnist on all things health and wellbeing. Passionate about helping people find the information and recourses they need to lead the happiest healthiest version of themselves.
Right on trend eQuoo focus on prevention, on resiliance, on reaching people before their mental health has deteriorated is a game-changer in the world of mental health apps.
Good Zing
Good Zing has a simple mission: to democratise access to everyday health and wellbeing information for specific problems through crowdsourced and expert knowledge. To help weed out the bad health information available online and create a trusted database of information for everyone, anywhere.
We love finding new products and apps that help people - and Equoo is one of the strongest in the market, created by verified and trained practitioners it is properly science backed and focused on helping people improve their resilience to be able to cope.
Sophina Khan
As someone diagnosed with PTSD I can relate to those who struggle with their mental health! As a youth worker, I advocate for the mental health and well being of all, young people in particular. My focus Is to expose mental health as something to not be afraid of but something we should all nurture, in each other.
eQuoo has been fun to play. Through each stage a new environment allows me to make choices I ordinarily wouldn’t think about. It has encouraged positive emotional development, exposing me to things I never knew about myself before!
Thanks eQuoo!
Diego Gonzalez Chino - Hult International Business School
Raised, studied, and work in diverse backgrounds across various industries; an entrepreneur at heart with a keen eye for detail and excellence. My mission is to bring the best out of people by supporting the development of interpersonal, emotional, and professional skills.
An engaging educational tool which kindled interest in learning more about human behaviour. I look forward to seeing the app develop and discovering more about people but also about myself.

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